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An autumn update from the vineyard

The autumn season in Italian vineyards is a crucial time in the winemaking calendar, as it marks the harvest and the beginning of several key processes in wine production. So what goes on during the autumn?

Vineyard owners and workers continue to care for the vines. Pruning, weeding, and preparing the vineyard for the winter season. This is also a time when decisions are made about how to manage the vines for the next growing season.

Besides winemaking, the autumn season also involves various activities in the winery, including cleaning and maintaining equipment, preparing barrels, and managing the logistics of fermentation and aging.

Winemakers and vineyard managers use the autumn season to assess the quality of the grapes harvested, which helps them plan for the upcoming vintage. They may make decisions regarding blending, barrel aging, and other winemaking techniques based on the initial characteristics of the new wines.

In summary, autumn in Italian vineyards is a busy and exciting time when grapes are harvested, crushed, and transformed into wine. The season plays a critical role in determining the quality and style of the wines that will eventually be enjoyed by wine enthusiasts worldwide.


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