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Introducing Otra Maximus LUMINOR: Honoring Italy's Finest Harvest

Get ready to dive into the heart of Italy's most cherished fruit with Otra Maximus LUMINOR – the pinnacle of prosecco, encased in a bottle featuring our radiant emblem. Straight from the exclusive Valdobbiadene region, this sparkling wonder pays tribute to the timeless traditions of prosecco making. It's a reminder that true greatness is born from passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Exclusive Origin: Valdobbiadene

Otra Maximus LUMINOR comes to life in the exclusive Valdobbiadene region. It's like the VIP section for the finest grapes. In this breathtaking landscape, Italy's most pristine fruit is carefully nurtured, giving birth to a prosecco that's pure magic.

Tradition and Heart

This prosecco is a living tribute to the traditions that make prosecco so special. It's a testament to the idea that real excellence comes from a deep love for quality. Otra Maximus LUMINOR blends the wisdom of the past with modern craftsmanship to create a drink that's nothing short of enchanting.

Experience LUMINOR's Magic

With each sip, let the enchantment of LUMINOR unfold. Picture bright fruitiness dancing with a touch of tangy acidity – a seductive symphony that plays on your taste buds. The palate is graced with a soft, delicate balance. Think ripe apple, white cherry, and zesty citrus notes, coming together in a burst of flavors that'll make you fall in love.

Mature Brilliance: DOCG Status

Otra Maximus LUMINOR proudly wears the DOCG badge of honor, a sign of its maturity and brilliance. With a 5.5% total acidity, it's the perfect harmony of vibrancy and elegance, making each sip an unforgettable experience.

Elegance in a Bottle

Dressed in the timeless 750ml format, Otra Maximus LUMINOR adds an air of sophistication to any occasion. Share it with friends or savor it in quiet moments – either way, you're embracing life's precious moments with style.

So, raise your glass to Otra Maximus LUMINOR. It's not just a drink; it's an homage to Italy's amazing landscapes, a testament to generations of craftsmanship, and a celebration of what happens when dedication meets unmatched quality. Experience the magic of LUMINOR, where each sip whispers the story of Italy's finest harvest.

Otra Maximus LUMINOR product sheet


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