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Spring Update from Otra Maximus Prosecco

spring vines
Otra Maximus Prosecco vines

As the spring season unfolds, our vineyards are alive with the vibrant greens of new growth.

The recent mild weather has been ideal, ensuring that our Glera grapes are developing beautifully, with perfect clusters promising an excellent harvest.

Currently, our team is diligently working on canopy management to optimize sunlight exposure and air circulation, vital for preventing disease and promoting even ripening. The soil health is being meticulously monitored, integrating sustainable practices to enhance biodiversity and vine health.

Looking ahead, we anticipate the flowering stage to commence by late May, setting the stage for fruit set. The long days of summer will then coax the grapes into maturation, gearing up for harvest in early September. Our focus on maintaining a delicate balance in the vineyard promises a Prosecco that continues to captivate with its freshness, lively effervescence, and subtle complexities.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to the harvest and begin preparations for the vinification process, where the magic of Otra Maximus Prosecco truly comes to life. Here's to a promising year ahead with hopes of yielding another batch of our signature sparkling delight!


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