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Winter update: Winter Wonders at the Vineyard

So, winter has wrapped the #prosecco vineyards in a cozy blanket, and you might be wondering, "What's going on there?" Well, even though the vines are taking a nap, there's a whole lot of action behind the scenes.

Winter with Otra Maximus Prosecco
Winter with Otra Maximus Prosecco

1. Trimming Time: Picture this – vineyard workers with big scissors giving the vines a bit of a haircut. It's called pruning, and it's like giving the vines a spa day. This helps set the stage for a fantastic grape show when the sun comes back.

2. Keeping Cozy: When the weather gets a bit too chilly, the caretakers step in to keep the vines warm. They might throw down some cover crops to protect the soil and make things cozy. Some vineyards even tuck the vines in with blankets to make sure they're snug and ready for the springtime party.

3. Cellar Shenanigans: While the vines are catching some Zs, the winemakers are down in the cellars doing their thing. It's like a secret lab where last year's grapes are turning into next year's prosecco magic. The cool winter weather helps the flavors develop slowly and perfectly.

4. Big Plans: Winter is also the time for some serious thinking and planning. The vine bosses are looking back at how things went, checking out the grapes, and making a game plan for the future. They might be scheming up cool ways to make the vineyard better or trying out new tricks for making awesome prosecco.

5. Winter Fun at the Vineyard: Guess what? Even in winter, lots of prosecco spots are open for business. There are winter tours, tastings by the fireplace, and chill events to keep the vibe alive. It's like a different kind of party – less hustle, more chill.

So, even though the vines might look like they're taking a break, there's a whole world of prosecco excitement happening behind the scenes. Winter is like the quiet before the storm, and soon enough, we'll be back sipping bubbly in the sunshine. Cheers to that! 🥂


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