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Experience Otra Maximus Prosecco. Our wine possesses a charm of its own.

It captures the essence of celebration, elevating moments of joy to new heights. Own yours today. 

Otra Maximus Standard Set Still

Nose & Palate

Singular, unique with notes of straw and greenish tinges. A soft but persistent explosion of crisp bubbles. 

Intense, fragrant and variegated, with notes of Golden apple and peach. Sweet fruit and vibrant acidity balance gracefully on the palate. Otra Maximus is a masterpiece, created by nature and perfected by the hands of talented winemakers.

The Story

Harvested at the curtain of summer. The hills of Treviso undergo their elaborate process of harvest, fermentation, racking and bottling. Grapes undergo gentle pressing and fermentation, allowing their essence to shine through.

The expertise of the winemaker, perfected over generations, ensures that every bottle of Prosecco embodies the spirit of excellence. All to give birth to the most magnificent Prosecco of Northern Italy.

Otra Maximus Standard Set Still
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