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Prosecco Sweetness in Scale

Prosecco sweetness scale explained

It intrigues most to learn that #prosecco offers a range of 6 distinct levels of sweetness, extending from Brut Nature (the driest option) to the Demi-Sec variety, which boasts the highest level of sweetness. The International Sparkling Wine Scale applies to a wide array of wines, including #champagne, #cava, and #sparklingwine. However, it's worth noting that not all sparkling wines adhere to each classification. With the decision influenced primarily by factors such as regulatory guidelines, the winemaker's choices, and the grape's.

Here's an overview of the sweetness tiers:

  • BRUT NATURE: Also acknowledged as Brut Zero, Ultra Brut, Pas Dosé, or Dosage Zéro, this classification contains a residual sugar content of 0 – 3 g/l. It presents an exceptionally dry profile, marking it as the most austere option within the realm of Prosecco and sparkling wines at large.

  • EXTRA BRUT: Encompassing a residual sugar range of 0-6 g/l, Extra Brut imparts an exceedingly dry character.

  • BRUT: With residual sugar levels spanning 0-12 g/l, the Brut category imparts a dry impression on the palate.

  • EXTRA DRY: Characterized by a residual sugar content between 12-17 g/l, Extra Dry strikes a balance between medium dryness and a subtle touch of sweetness. It's also referred to as Extra Sec or Extra Seco.

  • DRY: Encompassing a residual sugar range of 17-32 g/l, the Dry classification introduces a moderate level of sweetness.

  • DEMI-SEC: Ranging from 32 – 50 g/l of residual sugar, Demi-Sec embodies a notably sweet character. Despite being the sweetest Prosecco variant, it's not as commonly encountered.

  • DOLCE: With a residual sugar content exceeding 50 g/l, Dolce stands as the epitome of pronounced sweetness. However, it's important to note that Prosecco is not available in this level of sweetness.

A common note with consumers is the unexpected nature of 'Extra Dry' Prosecco, which, contrary to its name, is actually sweeter than Brut. This is one of the many reasons why #otramaximus chose its format in Brut. For those with a preference for drier Prosecco, the search should be directed toward #brut, Extra Brut, or the recently introduced Brut Nature. The term 'Dry' further compounds the confusion, as it deviates from conventional notions of dryness and possesses a somewhat sweeter essence, tailored to individual taste. Invigorate your senses with a bottle of Otra Maximus Prosecco DOC Brut.


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